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Your personal assistant,

who simply knows everybody.

  • What is Everybody and what and whats it for?
    Everybody is the first genuinely intelligent assistant designed to identify incoming calls. Everytime you receive a text or a call from an unknown number, Everybody will use all its power to assess who that might be.
  • How does Everybody work?
    It learns from many sources and creates its own (much more reliable) knowledge in the process. It learns from internet and from its users contacts and profiles, basically - wisdom of the crowd. It never uses data "as is" – instead it forms its own opinion on how to tag each number.
  • How to begin your Everybody adventure?
    Download Everybody from Google Play or App Store. The app will ask you to accept the Privacy Policy and User Agreement. The next step is creating your personal profile (name, place of employment and phone number). You can also import your user data from your Facebook profile or skip that step entirely, so you can update the information at a later time using the "Profile" tab.
  • Why should I update my user data and who will have access to them?
    Its optional. You dont have to. Everybody just politely give you the option to tell who you are by yourself.
  • What can I find in the "My contacts" tab?
    Its contacts from your phonebook - enhanced with profile pictures and somewhat more data. Also sorted by relevance, which enable you to search faster & better (if you have large phonebook)..
  • What does the "Business" tab stand for and what do I use it for?
    The "Business" tab stores contact information about nearby venues - stores, restaurants, bureaus, offices and other facilities. Maybe you will need to know where to find the nearest bank, for instance.
  • What use do I have of the "Recent" tab?
    At your Android phone you can find the list of calls you recently made in the "Recent" tab. iPhone has History instead that give you log of contacts that you share or call via Everybody app. Thanks to this simple and practical solution you can easily find people with whom youve had been in contact with recently.
  • Why does the app require access to my contact list?
    Everybody train its AI assistant by looking in contacts of all its users. It doesnt show that contacts to anyone else, instead it uses it to make an intelligent opinion on who is who. Also, its optional. If you dont feel comfortable about it, you dont have to give app that permission. You will still be able to use the app, most of the features at least.
  • Why does the app require information about my location?
    If you grant Everybody access to your location, the app will be able to provide you a detailed list of venues (banks, drugstores, restaurants, cinemas etc.) in your immediate vicinity.
  • What is the "Delete account" button for?
    You can find the "Delete account" button in the "Profile" tab. Delete account reset app to virgin state and delete your profile and user ID on app servers.
  • I want to delete my data from Everybody’s database. What should I do?
    To delete your data from our database, go to www.everybody.today/editdata, type your phone number and click "delete". You will receive an authentication code some few minutes later. Paste the code in the appropriate field. After that every time you call someone who doesnt have your name on their list - and that someone is an Everybody user - you will be listed as "hidden by number owner".